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Dec. 9th, 2009

Custom Design ring show tonite for my Wedding ring, I already know exactly what I want, I sketched it and I'm gonna bring it in!!! I guess that I have to give them my engagement ring for like a month!!! I'm sads

I've updated my flickr.. its all the renderings I did for my project, my group wanted me to do it digitally and then hand render over the digital prints and then re-photoshop it and then print again, well two all nighters later I just got to the first digital part, for our final presentation in front of Juries Friday I will have hand rendered over them and re-photoshopped them so I will update flickr again then! Enjoy.

Home-with no reads = boredom

My mommy said she's cancer free!! and then asked for a hug bc she said she will be alive for my wedding, I almost cried.... she is my favoritest lady in my life!!

 So, I am in perrysburg till Wed... and I forgot my books i wanted to readsies and I'm boredface.  I'm home to take my little cousins to cedar Point tomorrow, kind of a babysitting thing and a free ticket to cedar point, the kids are 14 and 11, so they super excited to ride everything; so I was in for the job.  

Wisconsin road trip time last week was really fun, it was good that Jason and I were in a separate car... cuz my dad was apparently crazy (which made me feel bad for my brothers gf) I loved visiting my aunt and uncle who are from New York, and their kids are AMAZINGLY intuitive and have intellect that far superceeds me.... oh and they are 9, 11, and 14.... sooo.  They are gonna be freaking geniuses when they're older.  The middle one is like a little entrepreneur already and his goal is to charter a yacht one day.. like when I was 11 I wanted to be a superhero like wtf.  lol

I think I may just go to the library, but ours is so small that every book I've ever wanted had to be sent to Perrysburg... le sigh, and I already went running today so there's not much else to do... I guess I shall sketchy, although I really need to be doing other pertinent things like preparing for studio classes by re-learning revit and google sketch up.... maybe even start coverletters for a real job... no I'll just sketch, real life things are scary...  :(

Jul. 22nd, 2009

 They removed polyps from my mom's ovaries today and they are sending them for a biopsy... I'm scared that she will have cancer.  I love my mommy so much, I just burst out in tears today to the thought of anything bad happening to her, she is the nicest, most innocent little lady in the whole world... please dear lord don't let anything bad happen to my mommy!!  I'm kinda a worry-holic so this is giving complete anxiety now... boo.

I just saw 500 days of Summer with Jason, it was a really good movie, I hearts Zooey Dechanel so much!!! The sad thing is, the guy was an aspiring architect and he was sketching a lot in the movie, it made me sad that I have been lacking so much on my sketching as of lately.  

Maybe I will take inspiration from Bri's blog and start posting my sketches, BTW those sketches of hers are pretty top notch!! I reallly like them!! k byebye

Good Mood for the new week

My weekend went well, the cottage ended up being really nice and warm and I got super tan! yay! Today I have to finish up all the math hw that I have been putting off bc this class is an online course and then I have my final exam tomorrow... and then I have no more summer classes!! So, off to doing worky.  I'm feeling very optimistic for this week.

My weekend Plans and etc.

 I'm going home this weekend ...

tonight I have to work on my car brakes with my dad,
tomorrow I'm going to Jason's cottage with him and his family,
and Sunday church and then back to Cleveland again.

I just finished drawing up my schedule for fall semester and it seems as though it's going to be quite demanding, then in the spring I will have my senior thesis to develop and present... I am feeling a little guilty for not making as much money as I wanted to this summer, I know I won't have the chance to acquire extra money over the school year. I wanted a set amount of money to start paying off my loans and also help out my parents with the wedding... crap

fall semester:

Interior Design Studio VI 
Architectural environmental design studio
Personal Selling and Management Styles
International Marketing

Grand Total: 18 credit hours... 

New Name

 Hello! It's Karen. 


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